Here in the Tampa area, we’re accustomed to the sweltering temperatures that summer brings along with it. And even though we haven’t technically arrived there yet, the weather has already begun its harrowing ascent into the extreme heat. And to combat it, our go-to solution is to crank up the air conditioner and basically attempt to flash-freeze our home. It works, but a lot of times there can be a different, easier solution: ceiling fans.

You probably have fans in your home already but knowing how to properly use them can offer a variety of benefits that go beyond simply cooling your home. Home Service Heroes team of experienced professionals has a quick rundown of the positives of optimizing the usage of your ceiling fan. Hopefully, it helps you and your family stay cozy and comfortable year-round! If you’d prefer to hear it straight from the pros, give Home Service Heroes a call and learn all about the ceiling fan services we provide.

Not Just Cold Air

Contrary to popular belief, ceiling fans don’t serve just one purpose: they do more than cool a room! On just about every ceiling fan, you’ll find a switch that reverses the direction in which the blades spin. When they go counter-clockwise, cold air gets blown toward the ground. But when you switch it and run the blades clockwise, warm air is dispersed without a breeze. Ceiling fans: useful even in the winter.

Saving That Money

Finding ways to score those few extra dollars in your wallet every month when the energy bill rolls around is something we all aim to do. It’s hard, but combining a few seemingly insignificant changes can add up and lessen the hit you take. Your ceiling fan is more efficient than an air conditioner, given that it possesses fewer moving parts that, in turn, require less energy. Voila, a smaller bill!

Shoo, Fly

Strategically positioning the installation points of ceiling fans can help in non-financial terms as well. If you put one over your table or in your kitchen, for instance, the constant airflow will keep any insects like flies or mosquitos from encroaching on your food – or the places you prepare it.

A Stylish Accessory

This may not be high up on the list of things you consider when deciding on a fan, but they can add a dimension of visual design to the interior of the room the ceiling fan is placed in. Some fans have sleeker bodies or more industrial-looking blades, while others are rounded and give off an air of elegance. Whatever the aesthetic of the room you’re decorating is, you’ll usually be able to find a ceiling fan that complements that ambiance well and completes the look.

Ceiling fans can offer so much more to your home other than just cooling the air inside a room! By taking advantage of these tips, you can pocket some more of the hard-earned money you earned every month while also providing some pretty cool benefits for you and your family! Home Service Heroes can guide you through the process of picking a ceiling fan, and our crackerjack team of electricians can handle the installation process from A to Z! Give us a call at (813) 544-4061 and schedule an appointment today


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