Faucet Repair

The most used areas in your home are without a doubt the kitchen and bathroom. In those areas, the faucets in particular see a lot of traffic.

Because of their heavy use, faucet issues represent some of the most common plumbing problems we see. At Home Service Heroes, we’re the foremost experts in faucet repair in the Tampa area.

Whether you’ve got a leaky faucet, outdated fixtures, or a loose connection, we can help to make things right!

Common Plumbing Issues with Faucets

No matter what kind of issue you’re facing with your faucets, Home Service Heroes in Tampa, FL, has you covered. Here are some of the most common issues that we address.

While it can be annoying, a dripping or leaking faucet is an easy, minor repair. However, it’s a good idea to get things fixed right away. If you leave your faucet leaking, over time, the sink could overflow and the water could cause damage to surrounding items in your home. A drip or leak also wastes water and raises your utility bills.

Over time, the silicon-based seals, called washers, can corrode and become damaged. Our plumbing experts will get these fixed quickly and put a stop to that bothersome drip!

If you notice rust on the faucet, it could be on the inside, as well, subtly affecting your water quality. When this happens, the most common solution is a faucet replacement. There are many faucets on the market today that is rustproof. With a new faucet replacement, you won’t have to worry about contaminated water.

Low pressure could be a sign that you have a water leak or blockage in your pipes. Inside your faucet is a constrictor valve. This valve may also be the cause of your low water pressure. When no water comes out of your faucets and the shut-off valve is open, it could be sediment build-up.

A noisy faucet can indicate a loose washer or an issue with your pipes. Give the Home Service Heroes team a call — we will investigate the problem and find an effective solution.

While some DIY projects can be fun, plumbing projects should always be done by a licensed professional. If your fixtures were improperly installed, we can help to make things right. We perform faucet repairs, replacements, and installations.