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    Mini Split Tune-Up in Tampa, FL

    The mini split AC unit you had installed in your Tampa, FL, home can last you for 15 years if you take proper care of it. Caring for the unit isn’t complicated, but it does require diligence on your part. You will have to schedule a routine mini split tune-up with us on a regular basis. This tune-up will help you keep the unit operating efficiently.

    Our tune-up will also identify any mechanical problems that have started to develop. Even though your system might seem to be operating normally, a mechanical problem may be causing the unit to use more energy than it needs. Getting the problem fixed sooner will save you from needing more costly repairs down the road.

    Why You Should Trust Home Service Heroes with Your Mini Split Tune-Up

    When you schedule a ductless AC tune-up for your Tampa, FL, home, we will offer you a comprehensive inspection that helps us evaluate every component in your cooling system. We will check your refrigerant levels, air filter, coils, capacitor, and compressor.

    Every service call comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee to ensure you are happy with the care and maintenance we provide for your ductless system. 

    You can also expect respect and professionalism from any technician we send into your home. We are a licensed, bonded, and insured business and we vet and drug test our employees for safety and security purposes.

    What Is Included in a Mini Split Seasonal Tune-up?

    Scheduling seasonal mini split maintenance is a necessary step in protecting your cooling system. Given the comprehensive inspection our technician will conduct, the tune-up can take up to an hour or longer. During this time, the technician will:

    • Inspect the condition of the refrigerant lines
    • Ensure the outdoor unit has proper airflow and water drainage
    • Examine the coils in the outdoor unit to identify damage
    • Check the condensate drain on the indoor unit for proper drainage
    • Clean the indoor unit and replace dirty filters
    • Check the blower motor, belt, and fan

    Every mini split annual tune-up will also include checking the thermostat and start-up system to ensure the unit is properly calibrated. This work ensures your unit is functioning properly and cycles as expected. If there’s a problem with the cycling process, you may need a new thermostat or another type of ductless AC maintenance.

    When Does the Mini Split System in Your Tampa, FL, Home Need Repairs?

    Even though you schedule mini split maintenance once or twice per year, there are still things that can go wrong with your cooling system. One of the earliest signs that something is wrong is an increase in your monthly energy costs. A rise in your monthly bill suggests something is forcing the AC unit to work harder. 

    Before your utility bills arrive, you can tell that your system is using more energy by paying attention to how frequently it cycles. If the unit kicks on more often, you should call us for service. We can help you determine what is causing your mini split AC system to use more energy or run harder.

    You might also notice that your Tampa, FL, home seems warmer. If your cooling system is suddenly having trouble keeping up with your cooling demands, there may be one or more components that are no longer functioning properly. 

    Our technician will inspect everything from your thermostat to your blower motor to figure out why your system isn’t working properly.

    What Are Some Common Ductless AC Problems?

    Between scheduled mini split annual maintenance services, problems with your cooling system can develop. While these aren’t always mechanical problems that require repairs, you may still need service to correct the issue. 

    This occurrence is more common when a seasonal tune-up has been skipped, but heavier use of the unit can also cause problems to develop faster.

    Refrigerant Levels May Need to Be Supplemented

    One of our technicians will check to see if low refrigerant levels are keeping your unit from properly cooling your home. If your unit is leaking refrigerant, there will be an insufficient level to properly cool the air. We will replace the leaking line and recharge the refrigerant.

    A Blower Motor or Fan May Need Replacing

    Another issue that can prevent your unit from properly cooling your home is a problem with the blower motor or fan. During your seasonal tune-up, our technician will lubricate the motor and check the belt for proper tension. However, the motor may still overheat with heavy use, causing the belt or fan to loosen. 

    There May Be Electrical Issues

    Our technicians are also certified to work with the electrical components of your ductless system. This certification qualifies them to make repairs to systems that may be affecting your ability to operate the unit properly. 

    We can replace your thermostat, check for faulty wiring, or repair any other issue that’s affecting the safe and efficient operation of your cooling system.

    Turn to Home Service Heroes for Your Mini Split Needs

    Trust Home Service Heroes to help you keep your mini split AC system running efficiently from year to year. We provide tune-ups, maintenance, and repairs to keep your cooling unit running like new for longer. When it’s time to replace your system, we can also help with a new mini split installation. Reach out to us today!