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    Let Your Light Shine!

    Professional Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Services

    Lighting is an absolute necessity in a home. Indoor lighting can impact your mood and cognitive performance as well as add aesthetic beauty if you plan on remodeling your home. Functional lighting can also provide additional security and increase home value. At Home Service Heroes, we have years of experience in repairing, installing, and replacing indoor and outdoor lighting.

    Working with lighting is second nature to our technicians. We are experts in installing new fixtures and running wires to connect to your indoor or outdoor lighting. While it is possible to repair or install indoor and outdoor lighting on your own, we highly recommend leaving the job to a certified electrician. Electrical projects almost always involve handling wiring and circuits and that means there’s always a risk for an electrical fire or electrocution caused by faulty wiring.

    Adding a new light fixture to your home isn’t always as simple as just installing the fixture. Sometimes you need to update the wiring to account for the added load. We have electricians who are professionals when it comes to rewiring and installations. Our electricians can install new switches or upgrade your home with smart systems that help you control outlets, light fixtures and other electronic devices remotely.

    Our Lighting Services Include:

    • Recessed Lights
    • Accent Lights
    • Fluorescent Lights
    • Motion Sensor Lights
    • Commercial Lights
    • Task Lights
    • Track Lights
    • Pendant Lights
    • Security Lights
    • Landscape Lights
    • Motion Sensor Lights
    • And more!

    Outdoor Lighting

    Lighting up the outdoors and illuminating outside displays at night has become a popular stable for residents over the years. If you enjoy spending time on the patio or in your yard at night, proper lighting is needed for safety and to highlight your yard’s features. Outdoor lighting is one of the best home security measures around and can keep you safe by illuminating your street and driveway to see any possible prowlers.

    Benefits of Landscape Lighting:

    • Curb Appeal
    • Safety
    • Security
    • Extended Time Outdoors

    Energy Efficient Lighting

    Indoor and outdoor lighting also accounts for substantial portions of energy consumption. Installing energy-efficient lighting will help conserve resources while saving you money. Energy-efficient lights like LEDs have longer lifespans than CFL and incandescent lights. They have a much wider range of color, temperatures and lumen outputs. Installing LED lighting can be difficult to integrate into your home beyond regular light bulbs so having one of our experienced electricians come out and help with the installation process will save a lot of time and hassle. We make sure any dimmers or lighting controls you’re using beyond the regular light switches are compatible with LED lighting.

    From installing fluorescent lights to patio illuminating landscaping lights, Home Service Heroes does it all. Complete customer safety and satisfaction are of the utmost importance to us. Putting your trust in our electricians to repair, replace or install lighting in your home means getting superior service. We offer same day service and upfront pricing.

    Contact us today at 813-653-4221 and get the perfect lighting for your home!