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    We Believe in a Career, Not Just A Job.

    Electrical, HVAC, and Plumbing Careers in Tampa, FL

    “Working hard and having fun.” You hear that a lot from companies trying to entice new employees into joining their company … but how often does that promise actually come true?

    Not often, right?

    We know. It’s just a marketing tool to get you in the door, and once you’re in, the “having fun” part goes out the window.

    Well, that’s not the case here. At Home Service Heroes, you’ll join a team full of hard-working professionals who absolutely know how to get the job done – but ones who can pull back and take a load off as well.

    Sound like something you’d be interested in? Keep reading, then. If it doesn’t, then there are some hilarious cat videos you can go watch online somewhere.

    What We’re Looking For

    Glad you asked! The thing is, people always need work done, but the supply can’t always keep up with the demand. So, if you’re ready and willing to put your head down, get dirty and help some folks out, then odds are we’ve got a spot for you.

    We’d be glad to talk to you no matter what you’re aiming for, but at the moment, the following positions are at the top of our priority list:

    • Electricians
    • Helpers and Apprentices
    • Lead HVAC Installer
    • HVAC Service and Sales Technician

    Do any of those sound like they fit what you can do? Get in touch with us!

    Why Work Here?

    Oh, right. You don’t know anything about us – and if you’re in the dark, then there’s no way you’d give us a shot. Well, we don’t like to toot our own horn too much, but we’d say being a part of the Home Service Heroes family isn’t too shabby.

    Here, you’re one of us. There’s not a “newbie” vs “veteran” divide – once you’re on-board, we’re all in this together. The culture is second to none!

    But that doesn’t mean everything’s going to be rainbows and sunshine all the time. This job can be demanding, and a family holds each other accountable. You’ve got to be willing to step up and shoulder your load – and that means accepting responsibility for you and what you do, and it means working with honor and integrity.

    Without the right mentality, you might want to look somewhere else. We demand the best from our team, and you’ll be held to that. If that sounds like something you want to sign up for, then read on.

    We’ve also got some pretty incredible benefits.

    There’s the standard stuff – health, dental, vision – but everyone’s got that. What do we offer that the other guys don’t?

    • As we said, there’s no shortage of work. Folks are always in need of someone to help them out, so the odds that you’ll have to twiddle your thumbs, waiting for a call, are very, very slim.
    • Loads of growth potential. No matter where you start out at Home Service Heroes, you’ll be given every opportunity to advance and climb the ladder.
    • But what if you’re just starting out? No problem. We’ll continually train and educate you so that you’ll always be learning the best ways to tackle jobs and projects.
    • How does extra money sound? If you jump on board with us, you’ll get a $500 bonus after 30 days!

    Okay, that sounds good. What do I need?

    Well, depending on which position you’re applying for, you’ll need different sets of qualifications. Here’s the rundown:

    For electricians, HVAC service and sales technicians, or an HVAC lead installer, you’ll need 3-5 years of experience, in addition to being located in the Tampa area.

    Apprentices and helpers require just 1-3 years of experience, as well as being located in the Tampa area.

    Do you fit those qualifications? Give us a shout! We’re always looking for the best and brightest (Get it? Brightest?) at Home Service Heroes, and we’d welcome any and all inquiries.

    Email your resume to