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    Ceiling Fans in Tampa, Florida

    Professional Ceiling Fan Installation for Your Florida Home

    Ceiling fans are important for providing great air circulation and temperature control throughout your home. Your fan can save you money on air-conditioning costs and make your rooms six to eight degrees cooler during the summertime. During the winter season, your fan can be extremely useful in distributing warm air to the ground so you can stay cozy. This helps lower energy use up to 15% during the winter months.

    Having a fan installed in all your rooms is beneficial to lowering energy costs and saving you money. Most people feel that having a ceiling fan is unnecessary since they have their own AC units installed. While AC units are important and help with surviving hot temperatures, they are not a device that is well suited during the winter months. More benefits include:

    • Their efficiency saves you money by reducing electricity bills.
    • Ceiling fans are better for the environment because of their low energy usage.
    • Having a ceiling fan above dining tables or in kitchens keeps flying pests from entering the room and prevents them from getting into your food. Ceiling fans are a part of the room’s décor and save space by being out of the way.
    • They are safer for children and pets.
    • Today’s ceiling fans are more efficient, with improvements in motors, controls, blade design, and reduced weight making them a feature of a room instead of an eyesore.

    Ceiling fans are a fantastic way to improve your home’s energy efficiency and they are useful all year long. Whether you are looking to replace an old, inefficient ceiling fan or are interested in having new ones installed in multiple rooms, the professional electricians at Home Service Heroes will do the job and make sure you are satisfied with your results.

    We can fix damage to your electrical system or simply replace your existing fan with an upgrade or a replacement at your request. Our electricians are skilled and very knowledgeable about what they do. So, when we send one of ours to your home, we will take the time to find the damage and the root of the problem to make sure your ceiling fans are repaired or replaced properly. We offer red carpet treatment and take great care to leave your home cleaner than when we entered it.

    If you want to install new ceiling fans or are looking to replace some old ones, schedule an appointment with Home Service Heroes!