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    Mini-Split AC Installation in Brandon, Florida

    Florida is both hot and humid, and that means you need an AC system you can count on to deliver powerful and reliable cooling. Home Service Heroes provides mini-split air conditioning installations that achieve just that. These innovative systems are the most efficient on the market and could be just what you need for your home.

    Time for a Ductless AC Replacement?

    No matter how effective an AC system is, it eventually comes time for a replacement. Whether you currently have a central air system or mini-split air conditioning, a mini-split replacement is likely your best option moving forward.

    Unsure if it’s time to replace your AC? Chances are, if it’s more than ten years old, you’ll be able to save money thanks to fewer repairs and more efficient cooling. This is particularly true if you see a lot of breakdowns. Finally, if your AC can’t keep your home cool, you’re not doing yourself any favors by holding onto it.

    If it is time to replace your AC unit, you can reach out to Home Service Heroes for a reliable quote on a mini-split system. You could enjoy lower utility bills, more effective cooling, and superior control over the temperature of your home.

    Our Mini-Split AC Installation

    One of the main benefits of modern mini-split systems is how versatile they are. If you’ve gone for years without AC because you don’t have room for or don’t want to bother with ducts, we’ve got good news. These are completely ductless air conditioning systems. You don’t need existing ducts, and you won’t need to have any installed.

    Essentially, we can install these systems anywhere. Our ductless AC installation is incredibly non-invasive, requiring us to connect just a three-inch conduit to the interior and exterior units. The interior unit is discrete and stylish, mounting to your wall and providing powerful cooling.

    Our quick, easy, and clean installation makes ductless air conditioning preferred for most renovations and home expansions. If you’re expanding your home, you can add a ductless air conditioning unit to provide cooling without having to expand and overhaul an existing central air system.

    Home Service Heroes carries out mini-split AC installations all the time. With years of experience, we handle every job quickly and competently. The minimal installation requirements make the day of set-up fast and painless. You won’t even know we’re there, but you’ll feel the difference once we leave!

    Finding the Right Ductless AC System for Your Home

    Ductless AC units work differently from traditional central air systems. Instead of a single large unit cooling air and distributing it throughout the home by blowing it through ductwork, ductless AC units rely on cooling zones to provide effective cooling throughout any home.

    Our Zoning Evaluation

    We will determine how many cooling zones your house needs during our evaluation. Each zone or section will have its own mini-split unit, allowing you to control the temperature of that zone independently. This will help you save on your cooling bills by not reducing energy usage in unoccupied rooms.

    We find that many homes require just one unit for each floor. Mini split fans are incredibly effective at providing circulation and cooling for space (square footage) than you might think. For larger homes or simply to have greater control, your Home Service Heroes technician may recommend additional units.

    Our expert AC specialists determine the right size and number of mini-split units for your home by calculating the required cooling load. This is based on many technical factors, including the home’s size, sun exposure, age, number of windows, insulation, and more.

    Book Your Consultation Today

    You can reach out to Home Service Heroes to schedule a consultation for your mini-split AC installation and to get a quote that you can count on.