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    We Love to Fix Things!

    Air Conditioning Repair for the Tampa Bay Area

    If your air conditioning is not working and your AC bills are increasing every year for a seemingly unknown reason, there could be repairable issues present with your unit. When your air conditioning unit is not performing as expected, our trained technicians will respond quickly and repair your unit in a timely fashion to spare you from costly repairs down the road. Electric Today can help you avoid spending your time in a home without air conditioning. Nothing is worse than coming home and expecting it to be a chilled welcome on a sweltering day only to feel nothing but more heat.

    Signs your AC unit may need repairs:

    • The system is pushing out warm air and your home or office is not as cool as expected.
    • Your unit is producing slow air flow – indicating a clogged filter or that your unit is losing power.
    • If you hear strange noises like clanking or screeching, your unit may be malfunctioning and repairs will need to be made.

    If you’ve been experiencing long start up times, uneven temperatures, excessive noise and growing energy bills, you should consider reaching out to one of our licensed technicians at Electric Today to come out and inspect your air conditioning unit.

    Your air conditioning unit will be repaired quickly without compromising service integrity. Our technicians take pride in excellent service and ensure customer satisfaction with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We accurately diagnose whatever problem that may be present with your air conditioning unit and get to work fixing it so you can enjoy the comfort of your unit as soon as possible.

    Florida’s Home Cooling Experts

    Electric Today is a family owned and operated company. We are always thankful for our repeat and referred customers and make sure to take excellent care of them with each appointment. Our technicians are skilled and highly motivated who bring ambition and excitement to our company.

    When you call us to repair your air conditioning unit, we will provide you with a free, upfront quote detailing exactly what your job will cost before we start. Our upfront pricing prevents any surprise costs when the bill is presented. We feel this is the best way to conduct an honest business. The upfront pricing also means we will not charge by the hour. So, if it takes one hour or one week, you will still pay the same rate – even if the job takes longer than expected.

    Electric Today is skilled with repairing any air conditioning unit in the Tampa Bay area. Give us a call today at 813-653-4221 and schedule an appointment with Electric Today to repair your AC unit. We pride ourselves in working hard and getting the job done right the first time. So, if your air conditioning is giving you trouble, call us today!