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    Commercial Electrical in Brandon, Florida

    The Best Commercial Electrician for Your Electrical Needs in Tampa Bay, FL

    If you need a commercial electrician in Tampa Bay, you’ve come to the right place. 

    Googling “the best commercial electrician near me” will only waste time when you could already have the best commercial electrician in this part of Florida. We provide a wide range of commercial electrical services and guarantee we can take care of the problem for you. 

    Commercial electrical services must be provided by trained, licensed electricians like those at Home Service Heroes. Not only does our team consist of experienced residential electricians, but we also have a skilled commercial electrician for every issue you may be experiencing. Our name says home service but we have the best of the best residential and commercial electricians in the area!

    A Closer Look at Our Commercial Electrical Services

    Just like residential locations, commercial buildings will need electrical work. Home Service Heroes are proud to provide a long list of commercial electrical services. 

    We are confident that, no matter the problem, our team can have your business’s electrical work up to code and meeting every standard necessary. 


    It’s frustrating and dangerous to have issues with the electrical work in your office or workspace. We can handle it all, from lights flickering and outlets not working to outlets becoming too hot during operation.

    Have your business’s electrical system regularly checked to ensure the safety of you and your employees. 

    Surge Protection 

    Surge protectors are an essential part of any electrical system—residential or commercial. They protect you from: 

    • Lightning strikes 
    • High energy surges 
    • Energy surges from downed power lines
    • Blown transformers 

    Power surges, although brief, can cause lots of damage to the electrical equipment in your space. It is better to be safe than sorry, and with our commercial electrical services, we can provide surge protection for your peace of mind. 


    Indoor (and outdoor) lighting is essential for any commercial space. Having functional, safe, and beautiful light sources should be high on the priority list. 

    Home Service Heroes can provide you with just that. Working with lighting comes easy to our trained commercial electricians; they can install, repair, and maintain any indoor lighting that you may need. 

    Smoke and CO2 Detectors 

    Every home and building in the country is required to have both smoke and CO2 detectors installed. Your business is no different. 

    You can trust our electricians to install high-quality detectors to protect you and your employees from the dangers of CO2 and smoke.

    Wiring, Rewiring, and Inspections

    When you have an issue with one electrical system in the building, it can cause other systems to fail. Any electrical work will require wiring, and the installation of new electrical circuitry may call for rewiring. 

    Our skilled electricians know electrical wiring like the back of their hands—it’s that easy for them. If you need your wiring inspected or your building needs rewiring services, you can rely on us. 

    You can also keep your commercial space safe with our routine inspections. We will check to ensure that everything is working, up to code, and meets the necessary standards. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you!