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Why Your Ducts Are So Important

Your ductwork is an essential element of your HVAC systems, and it needs to be in good condition to provide reliable cooling and heating for your home. But it isn’t uncommon for homeowners to forget about their ductwork for decades following the initial ductwork installation.

Why are these pieces of equipment such a big deal? Air ducts distribute air from your HVAC system around your home. They need to be able to support the level of airflow that heating and cooling your home requires. Because of how complex duct installation can be, every home will have a unique setup that will require experienced HVAC technicians to carry out a successful replacement.

The essential point for any ductwork system is that it must be adequately sealed. Any gaps allow air to escape, reducing the overall efficiency and capacity of the system. Once the ductwork begins to fail, you’ll start to notice just how essential it was to keep your home comfortable and your utility bills low.