We’ve all been there. Everything in the room – the furniture and appliances have been set up perfectly, placed in the optimal position to catch the natural light while avoiding a glare, and the layout is something straight out of an interior design magazine. But then, tragedy strikes: the outlet is too far away to plug the lamp that would tie everything together. You’re out of luck – and the answer is to either add a tacky extension cord or start the design of the room over from scratch.

Well, hold on: there is another, simpler option. Instead of re-doing all of your hard work, you can opt to install additional outlets around your home. The benefits aren’t as drastic as say, replacing an appliance with a more efficient version or making adjustments to something to make it run more smoothly, but they’re still noticeable in your day-to-day life and pay off in ways other than simply keeping your wallet full.

Home Service Heroes has a list of five reasons why you should consider having additional outlets installed at home. If you deem it something you want to invest in, give us a call and we’ll walk you through the entire process. Our technicians are experts in everything lighting-related, and they’ll get it done right the first time.

Adequate Power

  • Technology is present in homes now more than ever. The digital revolution has grown – if you look hard enough, you can find an electronic version of just about everything, it seems. And with that increase in technology comes a necessary adaptation in homes to provide more power to supply these devices. A home with a traditional number of outlets might not be able to provide enough plugging-in points to match the number of things that need charging.

Eliminating Clutter

  • In sort of the same vein as the first reason, adding outlets provides more spots for your devices to plug in. When they’ve got permanent, easy spots to access power, you can cut down on the number of power strips or extension cords splayed across the floor. It keeps the home tidier and improves the overall look.

Improving Safety

  • There are places other than the living room to add outlets, too. You need them in the kitchen and bathroom, places where a lack of outlets can force you to stretch cords over, or near places with running water – a dangerous safety hazard. If your appliances have power sources close to them, you don’t run that risk.


  • Adding outlets ensures you don’t have to re-arrange the furniture to dig for that one outlet buried somewhere under a carpet or be forced to plug your phone charger in across the room because there aren’t any close to your favorite chair.

Keeping up with the Times

  • If you decide to take the plunge and add more outlets, knock out two birds with one stone: a lot of outlets include USB ports in the panel themselves, circumventing the need to plug in something – a phone charger, for instance – that uses USB charging anyway. You’re already opening up a spot for those types of devices while also adding an extra spot for other things to plug in as well.

To put it mildly, having enough outlets in your home is imperative in today’s day and age. The vast majority of Americans have smartphones, and with that comes the need to power them all. When you’re fighting with every member of the family for outlet space, it might be time to consider adding some more. If you’ve got an older home, there likely aren’t enough to power everything that needs electricity – adding outlets provides comfort, convenience, and safety, all while hardly making a dent in the look of your home. The qualified experts at Home Service Heroes offer the most reliable lighting and outlet-related service in the Tampa area, and we’d love to take a look at your home to determine the best course of action. Give us a call at (813) 544-4061 today and take the first step!


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