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    AC Tune-Up in Brandon, Florida

    Undergoing an AC Tune-up is necessary when you live in Florida. Air conditioners in Florida have to work overtime during the summer to compensate for the heat and humidity. To make sure you have a cool environment to relax in, you should get your AC serviced at least twice a year, keeping it maintained in the winter and its best working condition in the summer.

    When you need maintenance on your HVAC system, you can trust the professionals at Home Service Heroes. Call our expert team today at (813) 653-4221.

    What is Routine AC maintenance?

    Over time, your air conditioning unit collects all the irritants you don’t want to breathe in from your air. Because of this, routine AC maintenance is necessary to clean out the grime and maintain the best air quality and circulation. Here are some AC maintenance tips:

    • Air filters should be changed every 45 to 90 days to maintain their filtration benefits.
    • Coils should be cleaned at least once to twice a year, so your unit isn’t overworking to cool your home or wasting energy and making your bill higher.
    • Bends in the fin part of your unit or other exterior damage may restrict airflow.
    • Ducts lose a large percentage of airflow to unsealed leaks.
    • Getting your air conditioner inspected for size can help to ensure it isn’t too small to adequately cool your home without quick wear.

    Looking for an AC tune-up in Brandon, FL? Call our experts today at (813) 653-4221.

    Affordable Upfront Pricing

    At Home Service Heroes, we believe that air conditioning costs are already high enough. For that reason, we offer air conditioning services with affordable upfront pricing. This starts with a free quote on services your unit needs. It also means we don’t charge by the hour, so the price we quote you for the job is the price you pay, even if it takes a little longer than expected.

    AC Tune-Up Services

    At Home Service Heroes, we offer the following AC tune-up services in Tampa, FL:

    Thermostat Replacement

    Sometimes part of your AC tune-up includes thermostat replacement. Your air conditioner’s thermostat is responsible for detecting how cold or warm your air is and matching it to your intended temperature. The metal on your thermostat expands and contracts to determine when to turn the electrical circuit on and off to regulate your air.

    Thermostat replacement doesn’t just involve trading your old parts for new ones. Sometimes a thermostat replacement means upgrading your current system. For example, installing a programmable thermostat allows you to set when you want certain rooms cooled or heated and when to shut off your unit throughout the day.

    Heat Pump Inspection

    On the flip side of HVAC, your heat pump is responsible for heating your home instead of cooling it like your air conditioner. It is important to have your heat pump checked at least once a year to make sure it is properly heating your home. Common signs of something wrong with your heat pump include circuit breakers tripping, inadequate heating, and incorrect cycles.

    During heat pump maintenance, it is common for a technician to inspect dirty ducts, change filters and coils and check for anything blocking proper heat and airflow. Installers can also recommend heat pump upgrades to help you increase performance and energy efficiency. A well-maintained heat pump can use 25 percent less energy, saving you money on your bill.

    Annual AC Services

    Receiving annual AC services helps to maintain your air conditioning system so that it continues to run at its full efficiency throughout the seasons. Each year, our expert electricians can run diagnostics on your air conditioning unit and electrical system to test whether it’s up to code or needs repairs and upgrades. From there, they can offer services useful to you and your home.

    Our expert technicians are background checked and drug tested before employment. They must also all be licensed, bonded, and insured. At Home Service Heroes, we will send only the most qualified installers and electricians to your home to deliver accuracy, efficiency, and the utmost professionalism.

    Book Your AC Tune-Up With Our Home Service Heroes Pros

    Serving Central Florida for over 20 years, Home Service Heroes is a family-owned and operated business offering both residential and commercial services. We understand the importance of maintaining your air conditioning investment, and our tune-up services prevent your unit from wearing out before it should.

    We offer same-day service to help deal with your 24/7 air conditioning emergencies. Furthermore, we fully trust the professional work of our installers, so we offer homeowners a money-back guarantee if they are unsatisfied with any of our services. Our “Red Carpet” promise ensures our team will be clean, on time, and eager to best handle your needs.

    Our expert Home Service Heroes technicians are ready to perform your AC tune-up in Brandon, FL. To schedule an appointment, call us today at (813) 653-4221.