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    AC Tune-Up in Tampa, Florida

    There are several ways that a seasonal AC tune-up will benefit you in keeping your home cool. 

    In addition to ensuring your cooling system will continue to operate efficiently, you may need regular service to comply with the conditions of your air conditioner’s warranty. You will also avoid the need for extensive repairs when you can discover problems sooner.

    Our certified technicians undergo background checks, drug tests, and intensive on-the-job training to ensure you will be 100% satisfied with our services. We are a licensed, bonded, and insured business, so you can trust us to provide the AC maintenance for your Tampa, FL, home needs.

    Is Your Home Overdue for an AC Tune-Up in Tampa, Florida?

    It’s easy to let things get away from you when you live a hectic life that involves juggling work, family, and home maintenance. While you might have forgotten to request an annual AC tune-up, it’s never too late to update your cooling system. Contact us today to inspect and tune-up your AC unit. 

    If you have failed to keep up with seasonal tune-ups, you may already be observing the signs that your Tampa, FL, AC system needs service. While any change in how your air conditioner operates should prompt you to call us for service, there are a few specific signs that your cooling system requires an immediate air conditioning tune-up:

    Cooling System Cycles More Often

    After just a few months of operating any type of air conditioner, you should become accustomed to the rate at which it cycles on and off. If you notice that your unit is cycling more frequently or always seems to be running, you should take this as a sign that there’s something wrong. 

    Living Spaces Feel Too Warm

    Another sign that your air conditioner needs a tune-up is that the system doesn’t seem to adequately cool your home. 

    You may even notice diminished airflow coming through the ductwork in your home. This lack of circulation can be the result of a faulty blower fan or damaged ducts. One of our AC technicians can isolate the problem and offer options for repairing it.

    Coils Frequently Become Frozen

    If your air conditioner seems to be operating fine but stops pushing cool air out after 20 or 30 minutes, check to see if the coils are frozen. If so, there may be a problem with the system’s refrigerant or blower fan. While this is a frustrating problem, we provide the AC maintenance that will resolve the issue quickly.

    Unusual Sounds or Smells

    An air conditioner that makes loud noises when it starts a new cycle should be serviced as soon as possible. The blower motor, fan, or belt may need to be adjusted or replaced. 

    Similarly, an unusual odor indicates a need for service. Your coils may simply need to be cleaned, which is one of the many things we will do as we give your system a seasonal tune-up.

    What Does a Seasonal AC Tune-Up Involve in Tampa, FL?

    Our technician will conduct a thorough inspection and tune-up of your cooling system when you schedule an annual AC tune-up with us. This work includes servicing your thermostat, indoor unit, and outdoor unit. We want to ensure the entire system is running well and using as little energy as possible. 

    If you have noticed any problems with your cooling system, let us know, and we will pay special attention to the areas that could be causing that issue. Some of the services our tune-up provides include:

    Thermostat Calibration

    Every Tampa, FL, residential AC tune-up will start with the technician examining the thermostat. 

    A miscalibrated thermostat or an outdated unit can cause the cooling system to operate improperly. If you do need a new thermostat, we can help you choose a smart thermostat that will give you more precise control over your cooling system’s energy usage.

    Indoor AC Inspection

    We will also check the various components of the indoor part of your air conditioner. This work includes changing the air filter, checking the blower motor and fan, and cleaning the coils, as well as cleaning the condensate line to ensure water is properly draining. 

    Condenser Maintenance

    Every air conditioning tune-up also includes servicing the condenser unit, which is located just outside your home. 

    Our technician will clean and remove the vented housing. This approach will enable them to check the evaporator coils, hoses, wiring, and fan blades. They will also recharge the refrigerant as a normal part of the maintenance service. 

    Duct Inspection

    Our technician will check your ducts to ensure you’re getting proper airflow throughout your home. We will clean your ducts and registers to remove dust and allergens, as well as look for holes, cracks, or loose fittings. 

    Any damage to your ducts can inhibit airflow and force your cooling system to work harder to maintain a consistent temperature. If we do find damage, we will recommend repairs to restore the integrity of your ducts. You may be surprised to see how much better your AC system operates with good ductwork.

    Ready for an AC Tune-Up?

    Whether you need an AC tune-up, repairs, or a new air conditioner installed, contact Home Service Heroes. Our certified technicians will provide you with the highest quality of service to ensure you are fully satisfied. We provide the full range of AC care services you need to extend the life of your cooling system.