If you’re wondering if your Tampa AC window unit needs maintenance, we’ll go ahead and give it to you straight – the answer is yes. To prolong the life of your AC window unit, you should take the proper steps to take care of your unit by having an annual inspection. Having this maintenance performed will ensure your unit’s continued function for years to come while helping it operate at maximum efficiency. Below are some of the most common maintenance tasks for AC window units that are performed in an annual inspection.

Have A Seasonal Maintenance Check

If your AC window unit is used on a seasonal basis, you should have it inspected by one of our professional technicians at the beginning and end of each season it’s in use. This maintenance should be performed before the unit goes into storage and again before it’s put back into use again. If you are using your window unit year-round, place a protective covering over your unit during harsh winter months to avoid damage that could cause issues with its overall function, but make sure you don’t choose a cover that obstructs airflow.

Air Filters: Clean & Replace

One of the more commonly overlooked maintenance tasks for AC window units is the cleaning and replacing of the air filter. The air filter plays a vital role in the efficiency of your unit and should be regularly cleaned or replaced. Our expert technicians perform AC maintenance inspections and can clean or replace your filters. If your air system does start having issues due to an old air filter, you could be placing heavy stress on your system, or causing issues with the overall functionality and efficiency of your system. Some units have filters that simply need to be cleaned, and others should be replaced entirely. Our technicians can perform an inspection and determine what is needed for your system.

Keep Coils Clean

An air filter that needs replacement can impact the evaporator and condenser coils of your AC window unit, placing further importance on the need to have your air filters regularly cleaned or replaced. Even if you have a properly maintained filter, the evaporators and condenser coils should still be annually inspected for dust and debris. Our technicians can make sure your coils and evaporator are cleaned and ensure dust or debris are not causing any issues with your unit. Having an annual maintenance inspection performed by one of our licensed technicians from Home Service Heroesy is your best defense against major issues down the road.

Have an Annual Inspection

Scheduling a routine maintenance inspection with Electric Today is the best way to ensure the longevity and efficiency of your AC window unit. Most units can last for ten years if they are properly cared for and undergo routine maintenance. Ignoring the importance of a maintenance inspection can lead to unwanted issues with your unit, and the possibility of it breaking down long before it ever should. It’s a good practice to have at least one annual inspection performed on your window unit, to ensure it’s functioning correctly and operating at maximum efficiency. Call Home Service Heroes at (813) 544-4061 to schedule your inspection today.


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