June has almost come and gone quicker than anyone could have predicted – especially the kids, who are probably wondering where half their summer break went all of a sudden. But we’re not done with the sky-high temperatures just yet. July’s getting ready to have its turn, and then August and September are waiting in the wings to keep things toasty. As we wage war on these sweltering months, usually by turning the AC down as low as it can go, we’re constantly thinking of ways to get the upper hand without breaking the bank.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, there is an easy way to keep your family cool and comfortable at home without suffering from insane energy bills. Programmable, or smart, thermostats make for an easy switch, and once you learn about the benefits they can provide, you’ll be wondering why you hadn’t switched already. The fine folks at Home Service Heroes have just a few benefits of a programmable thermostat for you, and our technicians will be ready and willing to handle the entire installation process once you make the call.

Ultimate Customization

Honestly, the biggest reason a lot of people invest in a programmable thermostat is the ease at which they’re able to change the temperature. Unlike traditional thermostats, which require you to move a physical switch and wait for one temperature to envelop the entire house, these modern versions offer total customization.

  • Want to set a schedule so that the house is cooler while everyone’s at home during the morning and evening, but warmer during the middle of the day while nobody’s there? Go for it.
  • How about controlling the temperature from a tablet while watching Netflix? Sure thing. Some thermostats offer remote access from a special controller, giving you even more freedom to do what you want when you want.

More Money for You

What switching to these thermostats does is allow you the adaptability to use less energy to power the AC unit throughout the day. By tailoring the intensity at which the unit cools your home to everyone’s schedule, you can maximize the time you spend cranking the temperature down to reasonable levels.

Choosing a thermostat that has been EnergyStar certified can save a homeowner an average of $180 per year on heating and cooling costs. That’s a not-insignificant chunk of change that stays in your pocket, and you get that extra money without having to alter your daily schedule nearly at all!

Utilize the Power of the Internet

If you really want to get technologically advanced, you can consider investing in certain types of smart thermostats that offer other benefits beyond schedule customization. Some models will email you when the temperature begins rising or falling too much, and others will send you a monthly report that tells you how much energy – and by extension, money – you’re saving.

Upgrading to a modern thermostat system isn’t a process that takes a long time, and it doesn’t require a technician to cause a ruckus in your home for a week. It’s a quick and painless process, and when it’s done, you and your family will notice the difference in no time. Let Home Service Heroes work with you to find the right smart thermostat for your home, so you can tackle the rest of the summer season head-on! Give us a call at (813) 696-3398 today!


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