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    Commercial Lighting in Tampa, Florida

    If you own a building or a business, you will know how essential proper lighting is for its success. One of the most important aspects of a working environment is lighting. With the right lighting, your business can be more productive, have a lower carbon footprint, and save money. With the many advances in commercial lighting, there is much to gain when seeking lighting installation. 

    Make sure you hire a professional electrician to take care of all your lighting installations. There are many codes and regulations when dealing with commercial lighting, and if these requirements are not met, they may pose a threat to your business and the people that work in the building. 

    Call Home Service Heroes at (813) 653-4221 for all your commercial lighting needs, and let us get the job done for you. 

    Commercial Lighting Services 

    Whether you require commercial lighting installations in a new building or you need professional advice on whether to replace outdated lighting or repair it, we have you covered. We are a team of trained electricians that offer fast and effective lighting services for offices, stores, warehouses, and everything in between. 

    The Right Type of Commercial Lighting 

    Choosing the right type of lighting can make all the difference. Some lighting is designed for aesthetic purposes, while others serve a need for your commercial property. 

    Commercial LED Light

    LEDs are used as accent lighting to create an ambiance. These can be used to highlight particular aspects of your business, like displays while keeping utility bills low. Commercial LED lighting is energy-efficient and a safer option than traditional lighting. 

    Commercial Outdoor Lighting 

    The outside of your business is just as important as the inside. Outdoor lighting can create an inviting atmosphere with the use of commercial LED outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting does not only increase visibility in parking areas and seldom-used spaces, but it also improves security levels for employees and customers. We install, replace, and repair streetlights, garage lights, canopy lights, and parking lights in Tampa, Florida, and surrounding areas. 

    Office and Outdoor Lighting 

    Task lighting and simple ambient lighting are important in an office or warehouse. This type of light may increase productivity and improve employee satisfaction. By using the correct lighting, you can set a tone or mood in your workspace. We install efficient, bright lighting to ensure you get the best out of your work environment. 

    Fluorescent Lighting 

    Fluorescent lights can provide strong lighting that offers durability and dependability. Fluorescent lighting is energy-efficient and has a long lifespan. This will allow you to save money on your utility bills each month which is essential to the success of any type of business. You can count on us to check that your ballast provides the required voltage and current to your lighting. By doing so, you ensure that your fluorescent lighting will always function as it should, and never leave you in the dark. This will save you money on frequent fluorescent light replacements. 

    Lightning Arrester 

    A lightning arrester may save your lighting from a storm. In the event your building is struck by lightning, your lights and all of the other electrical systems in your building will be protected. This can save a lot of money on unnecessary replacements and repairs. 

    Recessed Lighting 

    Commercial recessed lighting can benefit many aspects of your business. They can light up a larger area, come in a wide variety of styles to suit your business, and can easily highlight certain areas, objects, or features. 

    Emergency Lighting 

    Emergencies happen when we least expect them. When you experience a power outage in your business, it can hinder your productivity. This will cause you to lose money while your lighting is out. The security and safety of your business will also be negatively affected by the power outage. With battery-powered emergency lighting solutions, we can save you the hassle of trying to do business in the dark as we keep your building well-lit. These lights will switch on automatically when your building experiences a power outage. 

    Commercial Lighting Replacement and Repair 

    You might be operating your business from an older building that has outdated lighting. This could be using more electricity and have a negative impact on the environment. Either way, you will need to either repair components within your current lighting system, or replace them. By hiring a licensed electrician, you will be able to make an informed decision when faced with the question: “Should I replace or repair my commercial lighting?”.

    We understand that your business is your livelihood and that it is important to you. We have been servicing Tampa, Florida, and surrounding areas since 2007. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. This can be seen with our many awards and affiliations. Make sure you hire an expert for all your commercial lighting needs. 

    Contact Home Service Heroes today for all your commercial lighting repairs, replacements, installations, and upgrades in Tampa, Florida, and surrounding areas. Call us at (813) 653-4221 for more information.