The quest to save money is never-ending. Even though the rapid advance of technology usually carries with it an implied understanding that it’s going to cost you more, there are sometimes ways that upgrading can actually end up slashing the amount you spend each month and stick a few more dollars in your pocket.

Digital appliances and household components are increasingly prevalent as well, thermostats included. By replacing your mechanical unit and following the right methods of using a digital thermostat, you’ll come out every month with a lower energy bill – and a few extra benefits as well! To help you out, we’ve laid out a few reasons why switching to a digital thermostat is a worthy investment. And if you do decide to make the jump, the professionals at Home Service Heroes can take care of the removal of your old thermostat, installation of the new one, and everything that follows.

The Basic Premise

“Whoa, how does just getting rid of my dial-knob thermostat and putting a touchscreen on there in its place save me money? I just shelled out the money to make my house look fancier while it stays the same temperature!”

Well, sort of. A digital thermostat does make it easier to set the temperature (and it looks sleeker), but there is a legitimate advantage in switching. When you get a digital thermostat, you’re able to program it to rise or drop to certain temperatures throughout the day. For instance, you can set it to drop 10 degrees while you leave for work during the day and have it return to the level you’re comfortable with when you get back home. That way, the thermostat isn’t pumping a ton of unnecessary heat to warm a home nobody’s there to use!

  • According to the Energy Information Administration, roughly 40 percent of a home’s energy bill goes toward heating and cooling. Just imagine how much of that you could shave off by minimizing the amount of time you’re cranking the heat up.
  • To take advantage of the benefits, though, you have to make sure you follow the schedule and actually set the timer. You’ll roughly save 1 percent on your monthly energy bill for every degree you lower the temperature overnight – just make sure to stick to it!
  • Most digital thermostats are programmable through your smartphone as well. Should you be in a hurry in the morning and forget to set the temperature, you can take care of it as soon as you can find time to use your phone – no worries!

Other benefits

In addition to saving money, you’ll also be reducing the use of mercury – the element present in typical thermostats – helping out the environment along the way. And a digital thermostat means the mechanical components of an ordinary one aren’t there; it’s less likely to break and therefore less likely you’ll have to call out a technician to come to repair it.

Upgrading to a digital thermostat is something worth investing in today. Not only do you get full freedom to customize the temperature in your home throughout the day, but you will likely save money while also aiding the environment and saving on potential repairs. Give the experts at Home Service Heroes a call today at (813) 544-4061 for the best and most reliable service in the Tampa area, and let us outfit your home with a top-of-the-line digital thermostat!


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