Few things are as relaxing as spending a quiet summer night outside on the patio, enjoying the company of friends and family under the stars while gathered together. It’s the picturesque moment you dream of, but there’s a part we often forget about: these insufferable bugs won’t quit flying around! Nothing can put a damper on what should be a fun-filled night quite as easily as a herd (flock? swarm?) of massive mosquitoes or flies who obviously are hell-bent on being as annoying as possible.

So, you’re presented with a sort of dilemma. You can leave the lights on but risk attracting every flying nuisance in a 300-foot radius, or you can opt for the other route: eliminating any light sources that would act as bug magnets – but have to tell jokes to your friends in the dark. Neither one is a particularly appealing choice, is it? Thankfully, there’s a third option. Some types of lights are adept at repelling bugs, and you’ll still be able to see what the other people you’re with look like! It’s a win-win!

[company_home] lighting experts have a quick rundown of easy ways you can turn your entertaining space into a bug-free zone in a pinch! Follow these simple tips and reclaim the patio once and for all.

Tune It Down

When bugs search out a light source to hang out at, they’re searching for a color on the light spectrum that humans can’t distinguish. Bugs prefer ultraviolet light that leans more toward the blue end of the light spectrum, which most traditional light bulbs emit. What a report by the New York Times found is that by investing in tunable LEDs and dialing the light more toward the yellow end of the light spectrum, bugs will be noticeably less absent.

As it turns out, yellow light essentially makes the source invisible to bugs, and they’ll fly right by it without even noticing. Of course, this doesn’t guarantee every bug known to man will ignore the light, but it should cover a significant portion of your usual visitors.

Other Options

If swapping out your light bulbs for tunable LED models isn’t a viable option, you’ve got a few other choices to decide on. For instance, if you’re willing to forego the electric light option entirely, investing in candles or oil lamps will suffice just as well. These natural light sources don’t emit the type of light that bugs enjoy, and the heat that burning wicks produce will obviously be something your neighborhood mosquitoes aren’t too fond of.

When Push Comes to Shove

And if the final frontier has arrived, and you’re determined to keep bugs out no matter what, a bug zapper will do the trick. They’re not all that appealing to look at, and the constant, dull buzzing isn’t something we want to hear constantly, but the bugs will flock to it and meet their end — leaving your space bug-free.

So, there you have it: a handful of simple ways to reinvent your outdoor lighting arrangement and keep your space devoid of those annoying flying pests. For even more outdoor lighting tips, repair and installation, give [company_home] a call at (813) 544-4061 and schedule an appointment today!


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