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    Electrical Panel Upgrade in Brandon, Florida

    Electrical panels are hidden away and rarely used, but that does not mean they are unimportant. If you have just moved into a new home, you may not even know where your electrical panel is. It is easy to know when your outlets or light fixtures need to be replaced, but do you know when to replace your electrical panel? Panel upgrades are often neglected until it is too late. Some homeowners may not know what their electrical panel does and when to replace it.

    What is an Electrical Panel?

    An electrical panel distributes electricity to outlets, light fixtures, and appliances. Without an electrical panel, we would not be able to gain access to our electricity where we need it. Your electrical panel is the most important electrical component in your home, and it must be kept in good condition. Home Service Heroes are here to help you with that. We will advise you on an electrical upgrade if you are experiencing certain electrical problems. 

    For more information on our electrical panel upgrades, contact us at 813-653-4221.

    When Should You Get an Electrical Panel Upgrade?

    To upgrade something means to raise something to a higher standard or improve it by adding to its value. When we want to upgrade parts of our electrical system, we should always start with a power panel upgrade.  

    Perhaps you would like to install additional outlets, switches, or light fixtures around your home. You may need to consider an electrical panel upgrade before installing any of these components. All other electrical systems depend on the condition of your electrical panel. If you have an old panel that is not equipped to supply enough electricity to a modern-day home, installing new outlets and appliances may just put more strain on it. 

    Old electrical panels were not built to supply electricity to as many devices and appliances as we have in our homes nowadays. You may also need to upgrade your electric meter or service mast before installing new outlets, appliances, and lighting. Electrical panels can last up to 60 years, but the condition that it is in after 60 years is probably not ideal. You want to replace your electrical panel every 20 years to be on the safe side. Your electrical demands have changed a lot in the last two decades, and your electrical panel may not be able to keep up anymore. 

    Signs That You Need a Breaker Box Upgrade

    If you look at your electrical panel, you may not immediately see visible signs of damage. Faulty electrical panels tend to show in your wires, outlets, and lighting. If you notice the following problems, you may need an electrical panel upgrade:

    • Flickering lights
    • Dimming lights
    • Tripped circuit breakers
    • Power surges
    • Increased electricity bills
    • Burn marks around your outlets
    • Burn marks around your electrical panel
    • Odd sounds near your panel
    • Burn smells around your electrical panel and outlets
    • Still have a fuse box

    These problems are serious and can lead to electrical fires if left unchecked. A power panel upgrade may just be the thing you need to rid your home of these faults. Contact Home Service Heroes if you notice any of the above-mentioned signs and we will send one of our trusted electricians to your home to inspect your electrical panel.

    The Benefits of a Residential Panel Upgrade

    An electrical panel upgrade is like a fresh start for your home’s electrical system. Upgrading your panel to a new and improved one will allow you to install more advanced appliances. You also won’t have to limit the number of appliances that depend on your electrical system. 

    A breaker box upgrade will ensure that your home runs effectively without tripping your circuit breakers. You will enjoy a fully functional electrical system, especially if you plan on adding more rooms to your house. 

    Residential panel upgrades increase the value of your home. If you are going to put your property on the market, a new electrical panel will attract potential buyers and make them more interested in your home. 

    Another advantage of installing a new panel is a decrease in your electricity bills. An old electrical system tends to work harder to overcome the damage and uses more energy. 

    The best part of an electrical panel upgrade is the added safety it provides. Fuse boxes and old electrical panels may not be able to cut off your power soon enough if a fault is detected. This delay could easily lead to an electrical fire. You can never put a price on your family’s safety. 

    Electrical Panel Upgrades You Can Trust

    Home Service Heroes are there for the residents of Tampa, FL when they need us the most. We love our neighborhood and strive to provide the very best electrical services. We have won several awards for our friendly and high-quality services. You won’t regret taking a chance on us!

    For more information on electrical panel services, do not hesitate to contact Home Service Heroes at 813-653-4221 or schedule an appointment online.