Once October rolls around, it’s important to begin thinking about fall maintenance for your air conditioning system. Regardless of the type of unit you have, you’ll want to make sure that it has a professional tune-up during the cooler seasons – when not in use. Central air systems, heat pumps, and window units all need to be maintained annually to keep general wear and tear in check. Tampa Bay begins to cool down around October/November and stays pleasant through the spring. When you are confident that you won’t be needing cool air for a while, schedule a maintenance service from Home Service Heroes.

Here are the three top reasons why every Tamp Bay resident should schedule annual A/C maintenance:

1. Maximum Efficiency

During the summer, many Tampa Bay residents have their air conditioning units on 24 hours a day. The combination of heat and humidity makes a cooling unit essential for both comfort and healthy indoor air quality. But the constant use can wear a system down. When an A/C unit has built-up dirt or has components that need to be fixed or replaced, it must work harder to keep a home cool. This means that it must use more energy to do its job effectively. Annual maintenance on you’re A/C will ensure that it runs at maximum efficiency.

2. Lower Utility Bills

A well-maintained air conditioner won’t be a drain on your electrical system. When it is working harder, it is using more electricity and raising the utility bill. Generally, Tampa Bay homes use more electricity in the summer when the temperatures are the most uncomfortable. Homeowners are used to their utility bills spiking when the weather is warm, so small incremental changes might go unnoticed. If you have an A/C unit that hasn’t been serviced in more than a year, you might be losing money. The fee for annual air conditioning maintenance is small compared to the cost of using an inefficient unit – or having to replace one altogether.

3. Avoiding Repairs

When your air conditioning stops working in the heat of the summer, it can compromise both your comfort and your health. Annual maintenance can help prevent a breakdown – and time spent in a hot, humid house. A fall tune-up can help catch minor problems before they are exacerbated by continuous use the following summer. Repairing or replacing a cooling unit can be very expensive, especially a central air unit. Avoid these scenarios altogether with annual maintenance from a licensed technician. Ensure your system runs at peak condition, extends its life, and minimizes expensive repairs.

The experienced electricians at Home Service Heroes are experts at air conditioning maintenance. Let them help you keep your cooling system running smoothly so you can ensure your household is comfortable throughout the humid Tampa Bay summers. When you join our Safeguard Savings Plan, you’ll receive two scheduled service and maintenance visits for your A/C – and save even more on electrical and A/C services. Get 10% off all electrical and air conditioning repairs, enjoy discounted emergency rates, receive members-only discounts, and more! Ensure the health and comfort of your household next summer with professional A/C maintenance from Home Service Heroes.


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