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    Heat Pump Repair in Tampa FL

    Home Service Heroes and Heat Pump Repair

    When you live in the Tampa Bay area, dependable home and office heating and cooling are necessary. Temperatures can be the highest highs one day and low the next. If you want to maintain comfort in your space, your current heat pump system must work well all the time. If you’re worried that your heat pump isn’t working as well as it used to, you should consider having it repaired. 

    Benefits of Heating Pump Repair

    • Energy-efficient to save you money as you heat and cool your home
    • Better for the environment because of lower energy usage and waste
    • Different heat pumps use a variety of natural resources to heat and cool

    What Is a Heat Pump?

    One of the most popular heating and cooling alternatives to traditional furnace and air conditioning systems is a heat pump. A heat pump works by using electricity to move heat away from spaces that need cooling to spaces that need to be warmed. They are designed to save money and use less energy than your standard system does. 

    In the winter, heat is moved into your home or office from outside to keep you comfortable. In Tampa, FL, the summer heat is drawn out of your space and released outside. 

    Common Heat Pump Repairs

    Like any appliance in your home or even your car, with time, your heat pump can start to wear down, experience electrical part failure, or simply become less efficient at controlling temperature than it did when it was new. If you think your heat pump doesn’t heat and cool your space the way it used to, one of the common repair issues below may be to blame.

    Failure of Electrical Components

    The heat pump installed to keep your home or business cool is an electrical appliance and relies on power to move hot air from one space to another. If your heat pump works less efficiently or has stopped working, you may have an electrical issue. That means you will need a professional to replace some of the power components. Electrical work is a highly skilled trade, and an HVAC technician should complete your heat pump repairs at the earliest sign of malfunction.  


    Like a traditional air conditioning unit, liquid refrigerant moves heat from one place to the other to keep your space warm or cool as needed. Refrigerant is used for both heating and cooling, so a refrigerant leak will have noticeable results and can cause damage to the mechanics of your system. 

    Leaks sometimes create a hissing sound and are a serious problem. If you notice that your system is leaking, then heat pump repairs should be completed by an HVAC professional as soon as possible to keep your home or office comfortable all year round. 

    Reversing Valve Failure

    The reversing valve is one of the most critical parts of your heat pump. That is where the liquid refrigerant heats and cools by reversing the liquid flow to adjust the temperature of your space. Because the reversing valve works so hard all year, it can break down or get stuck and leave you with only one-half of your climate control needs but not the other. If you think your reversing valve needs repairing, it’s time to call an HVAC technician to service your system. 

    Many of these issues are signs that a component of your system needs replacing and can also be a sign that your heat pump could stop working soon. To prevent the need for a new heat pump and total heat pump replacement, you should call Tampa’s own Home Service Heroes now. A professional HVAC technician in Tampa, FL can assess the problem and schedule repairs so you can keep your home or business comfortable.