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    Heat Pump Repair in Tampa, FL

    Heat Pump Repair in Tampa, FL

    Your home’s heat pump works year-round to ensure your living space is as comfortable as possible. That is why it can be so frustrating (and obvious) when it is not functioning at full capacity and needs repairs. Home Service Heroes is here for all of your heat pump repair needs in Tampa, FL.

    Let us bring our award-winning professional service to your home to keep you cool in the heat and warm in the cold. Our licensed technicians are standing by to help you get the residential heat pump repair you need!

    Signs to Watch Out For

    You want to know that your heat pump is ready for whatever the changing seasons may throw at it to keep you comfortable in your home. Here are some signs that show when you should get a hold of the experts at Home Service Heroes to handle your heat pump repair in Tampa, FL:

    • The heat pump is noisy, groaning, or rattling
    • Heat pump switches on and off frequently, “short-cycling”
    • You notice reduced heating or cooling, even if the pump is running as normal
    • You see major changes in your utility bill
    • The age of your heat pump may be a factor

    These are only a few of the issues that may present themselves. If anything seems off about your home’s temperature or billing, do not hesitate to call Home Service Heroes for a free estimate. We will troubleshoot a plan to get your heat pump running smoothly again!

    Common Heat Pump Issues

    While each heat pump and heating system is unique, there are many common issues many of our customers face. No matter the situation, Home Service Heroes brings you over 20 years of expertise, so you know you’re in good hands.

    Faulty Electric

    Your heat pump uses electricity to run一quite a bit of it, in fact. If any of the electrical components of your heat pump give out, you should check your electrical panel and reset the breaker. If your heat pump continues to shut down, call Home Service Heroes for troubleshooting assistance.

    Iced-Over Outdoor Unit

    An iced-over outdoor unit can be serious. This is mainly an issue you will find in the winter. Your heat pump uses the coils in your outdoor unit to keep the heat in during the winter and get rid of it during the summer. It typically runs a “defrost” cycle to negate any frost, so an iced-over unit could be a sign that you need “heat pump repair near me” from Home Service Heroes in Tampa, FL.

    Broken Valve

    Your heat pump uses a reversing valve that allows you to switch between cooling and heating. Over time, this valve can become stuck in one position, leaving you with only heating or cooling. Our dependable technicians are a phone call away to get your heat pump repaired quickly when this happens.


    Refrigerant is at the heart of your system. It equalizes temperature, so a refrigerant leak could mean that your heat pump cannot work properly. Licensed technicians at Home Service Heroes in Tampa, FL, can spot even the hardest-to-find leaks to patch them efficiently and get your heat pump running properly.

    Make sure you stay ahead of the Tampa, FL, weather. Home Service Heroes is available by phone 24/7 to handle any heat pump repair emergencies that may arise. We work on your schedule so you can rest easy knowing our expert technicians are doing their job to keep your heat pump doing its job.

    We’re Pumped to Work with You!

    No matter the season, or the repair your home needs, call Home Service Heroes now! Our trained technicians are ready all day, every day, to keep your home comfortable in Tampa, FL!