In Florida, we all spend our fair share of time outdoors when at home. It’s part of the beauty of where we live. Whether it’s cooking out on the deck with family and friends or entertaining on the patio for an outdoor pool party, our landscape, and in particular the way it’s lit up at night, plays a pivotal role in making our homes feel beautiful and accessible. But more important than the beauty and overall look of your home is the element of safety. Landscape lighting not only illuminates the beauty of your favorite outdoor elements, but it also adds many safety benefits to your home you may have never considered or even realized you needed.

Home Security

A well-lit landscape and illuminated yard project to the outside world that your home is secure and your property is well cared for. This kind of well-lit space is a strong deterrent to trespassers, who as a general rule prefer to break into homes that are not well-lit and convey the appearance that no one is at home. A criminal will not be able to approach your home as easily when it is well-lit with fewer hiding places. Illuminating exterior entry and exit points such as doors and windows with lights will also make it that much more difficult for a burglar to break in. As an added security measure, you can install outdoor lighting with motion detectors that activate if someone walks through your yard. These lights can also be helpful to companies who are leaving at night, while also functioning as a deterrent to criminal activity and trespassing on your property. Our technicians at Home Service Heroes are experts at security lighting and landscape lighting and can help you find the perfect lighting design for your yard.


Landscape lighting helps you make the most of all of your outdoor spaces by making them safe places for friends and family to enjoy. With the right kind of landscape lighting, you can enjoy your front and back yard long after dark, using floodlights to brighten your patio, or lights on the deck to provide safe passage up or down stairs or entrance to the pool. No matter what kind of outdoor space you need to illuminate, the technicians at Home Service Heroes can assist with the perfect lighting design. We can help you get the most out of all your favorite outdoor spaces and enjoy the nice weather and your beautiful home after dark.


The safety of friends and family is always important not to mention your own personal safety, and outdoor lighting helps keep everyone safe. At night, home exteriors can often become dangerous places without proper lighting and are full of potential safety hazards that are hard to see like stairs, drop-offs, and pool entries and exits. Lights that add visibility to these places increase the safety of your home. Lights that illuminate your driveway or house walkway are also important as they allow your visitors to safely find your home after dark.

At Home Service Heroes, our technicians are highly skilled with landscape lighting and all outdoor lighting and can help you create the perfect lighting design that not only complements the beauty of your home but provides safety for anyone who visits. Whether it’s illuminating your pool or patio so you can safely entertain, or installing security lighting specifically designed to deter trespassers, we are here for all of your outdoor landscape lighting needs. Call us today at (813) 544-4061 to schedule your appointment and let us help make your home safer.


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