Undergoing an AC Tune-up is necessary when you live in Florida. Air conditioners in Florida have to work overtime during the summer to compensate for the heat and humidity. To make sure you have a cool environment to relax in, you should get your AC serviced at least twice a year, keeping it maintained in the winter and its best working condition in the summer.

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What is Routine AC maintenance?

Over time, your air conditioning unit collects all the irritants you don’t want to breathe in from your air. Because of this, routine AC maintenance is necessary to clean out the grime and maintain the best air quality and circulation. Here are some AC maintenance tips:

  • Air filters should be changed every 45 to 90 days to maintain their filtration benefits.
  • Coils should be cleaned at least once to twice a year, so your unit isn’t overworking to cool your home or wasting energy and making your bill higher.
  • Bends in the fin part of your unit or other exterior damage may restrict airflow.
  • Ducts lose a large percentage of airflow to unsealed leaks.
  • Getting your air conditioner inspected for size can help to ensure it isn’t too small to adequately cool your home without quick wear.

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