You’ve probably been there before. Some hapless outlet isn’t working, and simply removing and re-inserting whatever it is you were trying to give power to hasn’t fixed it. What’s next? You could check to make sure the cord itself isn’t frayed, or you might stroll over to the circuit breaker to see if anything’s tripped without you knowing it. When that doesn’t work, you’ve got one option left – and it’s out of your control. Should you call an electrician to come to see what’s troubling you?

Obviously, that isn’t something you need to do every time. Sometimes the answer is much simpler and less arduous than having a professional come to tell you to flip a switch, but other times a problem can be an indicator that something is seriously wrong. [companyu_name] team of electricians has a handful of situations where calling an expert might be the best bet. If you experience one or more of these indicators, give us a call, and we’ll be there to help you find out what’s wrong!

Too Many Tripped Breakers

This doesn’t mean that you have a lot of circuit breakers, and each one is tripping. No, this refers to just the one breaker tripping repeatedly, which can grow from annoying to perplexing to worrisome quite quickly. A frequently tripped breaker can indicate a larger problem with the wiring and load-bearing capabilities of your home, and at that point, it can be prudent to consult with an electrician about re-wiring solutions.

  • If you don’t need to have your home re-wired, then you might instead be able to have additional power capabilities added instead.

Unsafe Conditions

What we mean by this isn’t a general feeling of uneasiness, although that might result from the things we’re actually talking about.

  • If you begin to notice components of your home’s electrical properties that seem out of order or potentially problematic – like exposed wires or loose/broken outlets, etc. – then it’s probably best to let an experienced electrician figure out how to best solve that problem. You’d rather be safe than sorry, especially if you’ve got small children who could accidentally shock themselves.

Worrisome Signs of Receptacles

Outlets sparking, lights buzzing, or a warmness emanating from an electrical power source are all things that can be signs of a larger issue. If you notice a few of these, give us a call, and let us take care of it.

Not Enough Room

With all the devices and technology we use today, some homes might not be properly equipped to handle the load properly. If you overstuff the outlets you do have, you could pose a risk of fire by putting too much current through the circuits. Thankfully, most electricians can help install additional outlets to ease the burden.

Depending on which of these issues you encounter – if any – a call to an electrician may be in order. Of course, if it’s an emergency, you don’t need to ask. But in the case of these lesser problems or dangerous indicators, the decision is more or less up to you. But by getting in front of it, you can catch them before an annoyance grows into something worse. [companyu_name] electricians are thoroughly equipped to handle anything you might need help with. Give us a call at (813) 696-3398 and schedule an appointment!

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