Figuring out the best way to properly light a room can be a mind-numbing undertaking. You’ve set everything the way you want it; furniture is in place, decorations set in just the right spot, and the natural lighting has been maximized for optimal light-casting. However, there are still ways to make a room really pop, and task lighting is one simple and pain-free way to help that happen.

To help you determine the benefits of task lighting, Home Service Heroes has jotted down a few tips and pointers to give you an idea of how to utilize the space in your room to give it that extra pizzazz. Most task lights are fairly easy to place and install in your home, but some can be trickier depending on what you’re shooting for. If you’d like to let the professionals handle all the wiring and circuitry, reach out to us to discuss lighting solutions.

What is Task Lighting?

There are typically three types of interior design lighting: ambient, accent, and task lighting. Ambient lighting is broader and fills the room, accent lighting – quite literally – accents features, and task lighting highlights specific features in a room and serves a precise purpose.

  • Think desk lamps, vanity lights, or cabinet fixtures. They are standalone, directed light features that shine a harsh light on one area.
  • Task lights are significantly brighter than the other two categories since they’re placed for one purpose.

How it Helps

For starters, adding task lighting can spruce up the overall atmosphere of a room. With only ambient lighting, the features in your home might not get highlighted as properly as they should, or as much as you’d like. Under-cabinet lights can place a spotlight in food preparation areas and other parts of the kitchen, and directed, adjustable lights cast beams perfect for adding a bright beam – one that isn’t coming from the overhead light — in the living room. Installing singular fixtures can also ensure you aren’t disrupting the overall ambiance and atmosphere of a particular room by drowning it in a light that doesn’t fit the area.

By using task lighting, you can cut down on an energy bill by reducing the amount of time you use a powerful, all-encompassing light in a room, and you limit the amount of stress and fatigue you put on your eyes if they’re not being overloaded with large light sources for extended periods of time.


Task lights encompass a large swath of varieties because they’re usable in every room of the home – but the types you can use differ from room to room.

  • For the living room, adjustable-arm lamps placed next to or behind the couch or chair offer reading and writing lights.
  • Vertical vanity lights on either side of the mirror illuminate your face without casting shadows.
  • Hanging pendant lights above tables can efficiently brighten them without encroaching on other parts of the room and dampening the overall atmosphere.

If you’re wanting an effective way to spruce up the mood in a room and add a way to enhance the features already in place, task lighting is a quick and simple way to do so. While introducing a lamp is something you can easily take care of in a few minutes, other fixtures require more hands-on electrical work to install. We can install any and all types of lighting, and we do it right the first time. Give us a call at (813) 544-4061 for the most reliable service in the Tampa Bay area, and take the first step toward upgrading the rooms in your house!


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