Whether it’s a funky smell, continuous running water, or plugged-up pipes, you want the problem to be fixed ASAP. When your plunger isn’t working, and no amount of air freshener can fix the stink, it’s time to call in your Home Service Heroes for toilet repair and toilet installation.

What’s Wrong with My Toilet?

Modern toilets are relatively simple in mechanics, but so much can go wrong. Each element must be functioning for a toilet to work, including tank parts, seals, and pipes.

Toilet problems can stem from several things:
  • Partially clogged pipes
  • Broken water supply valve
  • Dirty or partially blocked water supply valve
  • A leaky flapper valve in the tank
  • Broken tank-to-bowl gasket
  • Loose bowl-to-floor or flapper seals

The broken, loose, and damaged parts can lead to clogged pipes, toilets overflowing the bacteria-laden water, continuous running, or multiple flushes.

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