If you are like most Tampa Bay homeowners, you probably don’t think much about your ceiling fans. Whether you have a fan on your patio to deter bugs and humidity on a summer day – or several throughout your interior for a cooling breeze, they are versatile home accessories that add comfort and style to a home. Modern ceiling fan designs have made using them even more beneficial. If you have been considering adding a fan to your home or simply want to make the most of the designs you already have, the technicians at Home Service Heroes want to help. They have compiled a list of notes for maximizing the benefits of the classic, versatile ceiling fan.

Lower the Utility Bills

While a ceiling fan can’t lower the temperature of the room, it does offer a “wind-chill” effect that maximizes the cold air already in the room. This effect can help a room feel anywhere from six to eight degrees cooler without turning the thermostat down. It also allows you to turn the thermostat up several degrees in the summer – without compromising your comfort.


A ceiling fan can do much more than help maximizes the room temperature. Placing a fan in a room that doesn’t have consistent airflow can help with air circulation and indoor air quality. Many modern designs also come with lights, allowing them to double as light fixtures as well.

Design Accents

Modern ceiling fans come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and finishes. They can add the perfect design accent to any indoor or outdoor décor. In Tampa especially, many enclosed patios include dynamic fan designs that are both functional and serve as an aesthetic focal point.

Design Variations

In addition to the myriad styles, you can also find a design for every need. Dual motor fans have one base, yet have two different fans with separate motors so different areas of one room can enjoy different air speeds. There are remote control-operated fans that allow you to adjust both the speed and the direction of the blades. Tampa residents will want to make sure that any outdoor ceiling fan they purchase is labeled either a “damp” or “wet” design. These fans resist problems associated with extreme humidity.

Energy Star

Fans that have been tested and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency are designated with the Energy Star label. Not only are these designs better for the environment, but they also offer superior design and are more energy-efficient. An Energy Star ceiling fan is 20% more efficient than a standard fan.

Installed in Most Rooms

Ceiling fans can be installed in almost every room in the home, helping to cut down on energy use even more. Living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, porches, and dining rooms (places where families spend the majority of their time) are ideal for ceiling fans. They can even be installed in garages, workshops and storage shed to ensure proper air circulation.

Maximize Heat

A little-known fact about ceiling fans is that they can help maximize the heat in your home. Many modern ceiling fans come with a setting that will allow you to change the direction of the blades. In the summer, you will want the blades to run counterclockwise to help better distribute the cool air. In the winter, turn the fan setting to run clockwise, which will help push the warm air down. Warm air rises, so keeping it lower allows a room to make the most of the heated air. This will also help with keeping the utility bills lower on the days when heat is necessary.

Ceiling Fan Hacks to Save Energy

If you are thinking about installing a new ceiling fan (or fans) in your Tampa Bay home, contact the professionals at Home Service Heroes. We can assist with all aspects of ceiling fan service – including fast and efficient installation. Our experienced technicians have been helping our neighbors with their ceiling fan projects for years. Call us at (813) 544-4061 to schedule an appointment today!


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