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    Water Heater Repair and Installation in Tampa

    An unexpectedly icy cold shower isn’t the best way to start your morning, but that might be what you get if your water heater is malfunctioning. Your water heater is an essential part of your plumbing system. After all, hot water is used for so many things – washing dishes, cleaning clothes, warm showers, and more.

    If a potential water heater repair is imminent, call the experts at Home Service Heroes. When you have questions about water heater repair or replacement, we can answer them all!

    How Do I Know If My Water Heater Needs Repair?

    The lifespan of a standard water heater is about 8-10 years, although a well-maintained water heater can last a few years longer. Tankless water heaters can last up to 20 years.  Issues arising before the ten-year mark could very well qualify you for a repair on your water heater. 

    A few common issues with water heaters include:

    • Malfunctioning or uncalibrated thermostats
    • Damaged or disconnected dip tubes
    • Pipe corrosion or bacteria in the pipes
    • Excessive build-up of sediment in the tank

    Most of these issues can require a simple water heater repair to get your water back to normal.

    How Do I Know If I Need a New Water Heater?

    The first sign that you need a new water heater is the age of your system. If you’re living with a 10-year-old system, your instant hot water is on borrowed time! Most standard heaters last about a decade before experts recommend replacing them with a newer, more energy-efficient model.

    Other signs that you need a water heater installation include:

    • Rumbling or hissing noises from the tank
    • Rusty or foul-smelling water
    • Leaking around the unit
    • Signs of rusting on the exterior of the tank

    An old water heater can mean that a potential problem is on the horizon.

    What Happens If I Don’t Replace My Water Heater?

    If you decide to wait, you may not have hot water. However, a malfunctioning or broken water heater can cause much more damage than just a cold shower. 

    If your water heater shows signs of corrosion or minor leaks, it could very well break down, causing major flooding to your home. Replacing your water heater when it’s showing signs of a problem can save your family’s precious possessions and prevent expensive repairs.

    What Are My Options for Water Heater Installation?

    Several water heater options are available that can fit your home, budget, and goals. Tankless water heaters, which heat your water on-demand (like a coffee pot!) are one of our Home Service Heroes favorites for their economical style and budget-friendly price. 

    Tankless water heater installation takes between four and eight hours. Because tankless water heaters don’t store hot water, there isn’t a tank to hold massive amounts of water. However, there are still common problems that can arise, including:

    • A build-up of minerals or debris 
    • Air supply block
    • Heating source malfunction

    We train our Home Service Heroes experts to detect problems and provide tankless water heater repair when you need it.

    Choose Home Service Heroes for Water Heater Repair and Installation

    Water heater installations and water heater repairs are part of a homeowner’s regular maintenance schedule. At Home Service Heroes, we make it our priority to get your family back into their routine as soon as possible. 

    We offer prompt, expert service from trained local professionals, so you can be confident that our team will quickly solve your water heater problems. 

    And speaking of budget, with our upfront pricing and 100% Happy Client guarantee, you’ll always get an honest quote that stays the same until the end of your repair or installation, even if it takes longer to complete than we expected. Call Home Service Heroes today for a free quote!