Protecting your home electrical system is important, and part of that protection means making sure your system is safe from damages that come from outside, like lightning storms and other major power grid events. Though typically brief when they happen, power surges can cause extensive damage if your home is left unprotected. On average, a home has around $10,000 of unprotected electronics inside. Having Whole Home Surge Protection installed from Home Service Heroes is a safe and easy way to keep your home and electronics safe from these kinds of unforeseeable electrical events.

By having a Whole Home Surge Protection System installed from Home Service Heroes, you can also prevent damage to expensive electronics such as personal computers or TVs and other costly home appliances. When power surges happen, they can ruin other things in your home like light switches, electrical outlets, air conditioning, garage door openers, light bulbs, and more, which can really start to add up. As smart homes continue to be the trend and offer more and more smart electronic features, having a power strip for every outlet in your home is simply not a convenient or realistic option. By letting one of our technicians install a Whole Home Protection System, you can simply and safely protect every single electronic device in your home including:

  • Entertainment Electronics
  • Security Systems
  • Personal Computers
  • Medical Equipment
  • Emergency Electronics

Our Whole Home Surge Protection installation will protect the above electronics from the following:

  • Energy Surges
  • Lightening Strikes
  • Downed Power Line Surges
  • Blown Transformers
  • Reconnection Surges

Whole Home Surge Protection Installation

When it comes to residential use, there are two primary types of surge protectors:

Service Entrance Surge Protector

A Service Entrance Surge Protector is the largest and most durable class of surge protectors you can get for a residential home. They are typically installed near the main electrical panel or meter. Power exits the main distribution transformer, enters the surge protector, and then flows to the main breaker panel, protecting electronics from harmful surges that come from somewhere other than the power grid.

Point of Use Surge Protector

Point of Use Surge Protectors can typically plug into a wall outlet and will protect all expensive devices like TVs and computers. While these work well for smaller electrical appliances, they are unable to protect your home from a power surge.

Home Surge Protector

Designed to fit inside your main breaker box, the Whole Home Surge Protector can be customized to protect an individual circuit – or every circuit in your home. They protect your home against surges both large and small, the extent depending on the model that you decided to go with. Our expert electricians at Home Service Heroes can help you find the perfect whole-home surge protection system for your home, so you can rest easy knowing all your expensive electronics and appliances are protected.

Call us today at (813) 544-4061 and set up a time for one of our technicians to assess your home surge protection needs. Whether it’s electronics you need for your home or business, medical equipment, or backup emergency devices, it’s important to protect your home from power surges. At Home Service Heroes, we can find the perfect Whole Home Power Surge Protection for your needs.


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