When you stroll across your home, does the temperature suddenly drop what seems like 30 degrees before returning to your chosen temperature a few feet later? Are you concerned that there might be a ghost standing in that one spot because ‘There’s no way it should be that cold?’ Well, take a deep breath and relax, because odds are high that it’s not a ghost. No, what’s probably amiss is a handful of cold spots in your home, and the causes behind them are much more practical and non-spectral.

Thankfully, most of the driving factors behind cold spots are easily identifiable – and easily correctable! You might be tempted to ignore it, especially if the problem areas are in the spots of your home you don’t venture into as much as some of the others. However, tackling these cold spots head-on will ensure your home remains evenly comfortable in every room. You’ll be glad you took the necessary steps to fix them.

Home Service Heroes team of professionals can help you find out why cold spots have overtaken your home, and they’ll be able to tell you how to fix them. Call today for the best service in Tampa!

Your Furnace is the Wrong Size

It can be easy to jump to conclusions and assume there’s something drastically wrong with your home – like a hole somewhere that is letting air in, for instance – but it might simply be nothing more than a case of an incorrectly sized furnace.

  • When a furnace is too large for the home it’s heating, it can overpower certain sections and leave others feeling woefully under-heated.
  • However, when the furnace is too small relative to the size of the home, there might not be adequate power to thoroughly heat everywhere, thus leading to cold spots.

Before getting an HVAC unit, consult with your contractor to determine the right size for you and your home’s needs.

Insufficient Insulation

When there isn’t adequate insulation surrounding your air ducts or the windows and doors, heat isn’t retained as well as it could be. That leads to some of it escaping, which in turn makes cold spots appear in your home. Invest in upgrading the insulation in these areas to add even more protection and ensure you’re not wasting energy on something that isn’t even heating properly.

Alternatively, it might be because your ducts aren’t sealed properly. When that happens, air can escape, leading to uneven heating throughout your home depending on where the leaks occur.

Zoned Air Solutions

What if you’ve got a multi-level home? If that’s the case, your HVAC system might just be having trouble finding ways to heat all the various spaces in your home effectively – and it’s not equipped to do so. The solution is to upgrade to a zoned air system, which allows you to set temperatures for various areas of your home individually, eliminating the cold-spot problem.

The fixes to cold spots don’t need to be as difficult as they might seem, and with a quick call to Home Service Heroes, you’ll be able to make your home’s heating problems a thing of the past. Our technicians are ready and willing to help you come up with a solution to the cold spots in your home, and they’ll work with you to devise the best strategy. Give Home Service Heroes a call at (813) 544-4061 and schedule an appointment today!


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