Have you ever cranked the AC down to a temperature you think should be comfortable, only to sit down a few minutes later and realize that nothing has really changed? You go back and double check, just to be sure you did in fact adjust the temperature and didn’t imagine the whole thing in your mind.

Unfortunately, you didn’t make it up. For whatever reason, even though the temperature has been changed, your home’s air hasn’t gotten any cooler whatsoever. What’s up with that? It could be the result of any number of things, and there isn’t one definitive solution to the cooling problem. However, we at Home Service Heroes can help you begin to figure it out, and we’ve got a few things for you to look at.

If what follows are solutions that don’t get you any closer to determining what went wrong, then let us know! At Home Service Heroes, our electricians are knowledgeable in all things heating and cooling – in addition to being the most qualified electrical service providers in the area.

Check the Outdoor Condenser

We don’t equate the outdoor unit with being an integral part of our cooling system – it definitely is, but it’s very easy to forget about the condenser. Despite what you may think, the condenser plays a big part in keeping your home cool and needs to be taken care of as well.

You can’t do too much to it without consulting a professional, but you can check around it and make sure it’s clear of debris and not too gunky. A quick spray with a hose will clean it up, and that could make a big difference in its performance.

How’s the Power Looking?

Although our appliances work tirelessly, sometimes they can need a quick reset to re-orient their bearings and get back on track. If your system is out of whack, flipping the power off and back on can provide the boost it needs to figure out what went wrong and start working the way it was intended to.

Heat Sources Too Close?

The thermostat pulls in surrounding air to determine if it’s reaching the temperature you set it to, and if you have things that produce heat too close to the unit itself, then that can affect its performance. For instance, appliances that generate a lot of excess energy, or an iron/ironing board, can play a big part.

Natural Heating

Another thing that may make it hard for your home to cool down to the temperature you want is if the sunlight beats down on certain rooms. No matter how much you try to combat it with a frigid thermostat setting, the sun will always win. To fix this, consider investing in blackout curtains – they’ll shield rooms from the sunlight and make sure you’re staying cool!

Legitimate Problems

Of course, there’s always the chance that something has actually gone wrong with your cooling system, and not just a variety of odd factors that happened to mess up your home’s temperature. If you think that you may have something more seriously wrong – like, say, a refrigerant leak or a split duct – then a call to a professional is your surest bet.

Home Service Heroes has the tools and experience to solve whatever’s troubling your home’s cooling power, and we are committed to helping our Tampa neighbors as efficiently as possible. Give us a call at (813) 544-4061 and schedule an appointment today!


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