If your family is anything like ours, you may have an individual or two who are extremely particular about the temperature in your home, specifically the areas they themselves tend to frequent. Zoned air systems can help keep the peace in your home, while adding massive convenience to your temperature routines, and saving you a ton of money in the process, by allowing your home temperature to be customized to various rooms. The zoned air system works by dividing your home up into “zones”, then equipping each zone with individual control settings that allow for the customization of the temperature for that particular zone.

How Zoned Air Systems Work

With a zoned air system, your home is divided into separate zones depending on your home’s needs. Typically, your system would be divided into zones that have similar heating and cooling settings. Using electronically controlled modulating dampers and electronic thermostats, your zones will auto-adjust to maintain the set temperature in each individual zone. You program the temperature you would like for each zone, and the sensors that have been placed in the ductwork then signal the flex dampers to open or close depending on your settings.

Major Benefits of Zoned Air Systems

  • Convenience & Comfort – With only a single thermostat controlling your whole house, the temperature cannot be effectively controlled, which is especially true in two-story or three-story homes. Other factors that cause variations in indoor temperatures from room to a room include appliances, shades, cooking, different types of ceilings, etc. Zoning allows for superior convenience and comfort by reacting to the needs of the individual room and allowing for ultimate customization.
  • Lower Energy Bills – A zoning system has been proven to make the most efficient use of your HVAC system. On average consumers save 30% on energy bills because their system is overall being used more efficiently.
  • Modernized Home – As smart homes continue to grow in popularity and in added convenience, zoned air systems truly are the way of the future. With your choice of a wall thermostat in each zone, or a programmable remote for convenience, now you can have more control over the temperature of every room in your home. You can also reprogram your system at any time.
  • Extended Service Life – Unlike a traditional HVAC system, a zoning air system has less depreciation over time and a much longer lifespan. Zoning systems have fewer repairs and do not require replacement as often as regular AC units.

To find a zoning air system that is perfect for your home’s unique heating and cooling needs, give us a call at Home Service Heroes. We have years of experience helping Tampa Bay residents find the perfect solutions to modernize their HVAC systems with zoned air systems. Our technicians are highly experienced with zoning air system installation and will be able to tell you what the best solutions are for your home. Call us today at (813) 544-4061 and we can give you an assessment with upfront pricing on your new zoning air system.


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