Buying an electric vehicle is a wise decision for both yourself and the environment. While the popularity of electric vehicles has exploded in recent years, having an electric vehicle charging station is not very common in the average household. Many people have to rely on public charging stations to keep their electric vehicles charged, but installing a charging station in your home will drastically improve your experience with your electric vehicle. Here are all the benefits you can expect if you choose to install an electric vehicle charging station in your home.

Save Money

Cost concerns cause a lot of confusion for many people interested in installing an electric vehicle charging station in their homes. Having a charging station professionally installed in your home is much more cost-effective than it used to be. Most installations cost about $1000 to $2500 with parts and labor. However, you may be eligible for several government rebates and incentives to help alleviate these costs.

Additionally, home charging stations are usually cheaper to use than public charging stations. Cost comparisons vary depending on the price of electricity in your area and the electricity costs at local charging stations, but home charging stations are almost always the cheaper charging option. You may even be eligible for tax breaks based on how much electricity you’re using to charge your vehicle.


Most people get electric vehicles to help reduce their carbon footprint. If you’re one of those people, you’ll be happy to hear that installing an electric vehicle charging station in your home will make you even more environmentally friendly. Home electric vehicle charging stations have the option of being wind- or solar-powered. Most public charging stations work off of the power grid for the city, which utilizes coal, oil, natural gas, and other fuels that cause harm to the environment.

Increase Your Property Values

If you someday want to sell your home, you’ll find great value in installing an electric vehicle charging station. The number of people buying electric vehicles is only going to increase. Buying a home with a charging station already installed within it will be incredibly appealing to many homeowners who either already have an electric vehicle or are planning on buying one in the near future.

Statistics from the United States on this subject haven’t been established yet, but trends in other countries look very promising. For instance, in the United Kingdom, a study found that homes tended to experience a 13% increase in value when they had an electric vehicle charging station installed. That number is likely to increase all over the world as electric vehicles become more common and affordable.

Maximize the Lifespan of Your Car’s Battery

Many public charging stations are graded as level three, which is currently the second most powerful type on the market. Level three charging stations are great for quickly charging electric vehicles, but with that speed comes a significant risk to your battery. When a battery is supercharged too frequently, it causes excess wear and tear and decreases its estimated lifespan.

Most homes have a level two or one charging station installed since level three models are much more expensive. Level two and one models charge your vehicle more slowly, but the lower electrical current and slower charging times are much gentler on your battery. Using a home charging station will help prolong the lifespan of your battery as much as possible.

Additionally, you’d be surprised at how unnecessary the charging speeds of a level three charging station are. They’re great when you’re in a rush or there’s an emergency, but most of the time the speeds of a level two or one charging station are perfect for everyday use.

Safety and Peace of Mind

You’re the main caretaker of the charging station in your home. You know how often it’s updated, how well it’s maintained, and if there are issues with the unit. You also keep both it and your vehicle confined in the safety of your property, especially if you have a garage.

Public electric vehicle charging stations are usually out in the open in parking lots or parking garages. Most people can’t keep an eye on their vehicles the entire time they’re being charged in public charging stations, leaving them vulnerable to vandalism, theft, damage from other vehicles, and severe weather conditions.

Additionally, you have no way of knowing if the public charging station is well-maintained. A poorly maintained charging station may charge your vehicle slowly, damage your vehicle, or even catch fire.

Customization Through Mobile Apps

One of the best benefits of home electric vehicle charging stations is that they can connect to mobile apps that make usage even easier. These apps allow you to monitor your energy usage, charging times, and the current charging status of your vehicle, as well as immediately update your charging station whenever updates are available and more.

You can use your app to set charging schedules to both avoid peak hours and higher energy prices if your electricity company utilizes time-of-use pricing. Customized charging schedules also allow you to prevent overcharging your battery, which decreases its lifespan and prevents you from wasting electricity.

Troubleshooting is made much easier with apps as well. With public charging stations, you have no way of fixing any issues you may encounter while using the unit. You have to wait for the owner of the station to call for a technician to come out, diagnose, and resolve the issue. A home charging station allows you to remotely contact professional technicians who can either fix software issues remotely or immediately send out someone to fix problems in person.


Needing to head out to the nearest public charging station when your electric vehicle is low on battery is inconvenient and frustrating. In some areas, the nearest public electric vehicle charging station could be several miles away. Once you’ve reached a charging station, there may be other people charging their vehicles ahead of you in line, forcing you to wait until they’re done or try to find another station. When you manage to reserve a station, your main options are to either wait there for an hour or more until your car is fully charged or get a ride back home and retrieve your car later.

When you have a charging station at home, you don’t need to wait in line for your turn to charge your car. You also don’t have to travel anywhere or deal with boring wait times. You simply have to plug your car in, head into your home, and go about your day as normal.

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